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Bottle Top Water Filter

Bottle Top Water FilterThe bottle top water purifier is an up-to-date appliance for purifying, mineralising and activating drinking water. Their main characteristic is that they can be used directly with water dispensers.

The appliance is equipped with multi-layer group wares for sterilisation, absorption, and filtration through filter poles filled with activated carbon, silver and a ceramic disc. The ceramic disk filters out particles and activated carbon is able to effectively remove suspended impurities, chlorine and other contaminants. Meanwhile, the silver ion, which slowly separates in the water, can perform sterilisation and prevent bacteria from propagating.

Far infrared and mineralising balls, which are refined into granules, contain more than 20 kinds of sanative microelements such as zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium etc. Scientific research indicates that these granules separate slowly and equally into water purified by the appliance, giving the water more sanative mineral elements than general pure water. Far infrared and mineralising balls can also provide an activating function.

Large molecule groups are split into smaller ones by the infrared radiation, which increases the amount of oxygen and increases biological activation of the water. This water can be consumed directly without boiling.

The filter element can purify 2,700L of tap water over its service life. Users should change the main filter element every 3 months (please read the detailed information before changing).

A major advantage that this filter has over others is that it can adopt siphon equipment and converse filtration, which:

  • Completely removes air in the filter, making the activated carbon absorb more equably and adequately.
  • Avoids gap-filtrating, making every drop of water pure
  • Avoids small granular active carbon dropping into the water


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