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Instructions for Triple Filter Unit

Thank you for purchasing a PPW Triple Filter Unit. Damage during installation can void your warranty so please use a skilled installer. Purifiers are designed to store contaminants so filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months to prevent them becoming saturated and unloading contaminants into your drinking water.


  • The water supply connector that comes with the unit is made up of two parts;
  • Water Supply Connector 1/2" male x 1/2" female NPT. Simply disconnect cold water line from angle stop bottom or from faucet stud on top. Complete with cone-washer and seal.
  1. Assemble the water supply connector by inserting the Ball Valve. Screw the ball valve into the side of the water supply connector using 3 to 4 wraps of Teflon tape.
  2. Disconnect the water supply line from the cold water faucet underneath sink. Attach and tighten water supply connector assembly being careful not to pinch or crimp any tubing or water supply line while tightening.
  3. Connect the tube from the ball valve to the inlet fitting ( Clear Housing)

Note: This unit is designed to operate between 40 and 85 psi. If your pressure is higher than this use a pressure limiting valve.

install triple filter

  1. Using a VSR drill with a carbide grinding burr, gently grind away enough porcelain or enamel to more than accommodate the drill bit (about the size of a dime). Enough surface material must be removed to expose the base metal.
  2. Using the 1/4" drill bit, drill a 1/4" hole through the base metal. Operate the drill slowly and carefully, especially when the drill is about to penetrate the metal. If necessary use a drop of two of oil in the hole.
  3. Repeat step 2. Using the 7/16" drill bit.
    Mount the sink top factcet in the hole and using an adjustable wrench(or hand) to hold the faucet, tighten the 9/16" nut.
  4. Connect the tube to the faucet using the flow restricter, olive and compression nut and the other end to the outlet (white housing)

Warning: As every effort is made to ensure the good quality of your water filter it is not possible to pressure test them. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check for leaks regularly. No liability will be excepted for any damage or injury caused by the use or installation of this product. With proof of purchase provided your filter unit will be replaced or repaired within 1 year of purchase for a defect in material workmanship.Damage caused during installation or filter changes is not covered by warranty. Failure caused by excessive pressure or hammering is not covered by warranty.

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