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Commercial Water Softeners

Water wizard offers a comprehensive range of single tank, twin tank and multi system (interlinked) water softeners.

Water wizard’s water softeners are made to a performance standard, not to a price. Our commercial softeners are designed to provide maximum performance with minimum service down time. There are no Chinese components and we use state-of-the art microprocessor valving that can be infinitely adjusted to suit the specific needs of the customer. The service back up and advisory service that accompanies Water wizard water softeners and iron/manganese removal softeners is unique in the industry and second to none.

The features and benefits of our commercial water softeners:

Control Valves

Our automatic-microprocessor water softeners utilise the world renowned US manufactured Fleck control valves.

Fleck has manufactured water softener valves since 1958. They enjoy an enviable reputation with their control valves being universally regarded as the best control valves of their type, available on the world market. Fleck valves are manufactured to a quality and performance standard and unashamedly are more costly than lesser products.

Fleck control valves incorporate a positive piston/spacer seal that offers huge advantages in performance, reliability and service. Pistons are teflon coated, the seals are high durability neoprene. All are replaceable and easily serviced. By comparison our competitor uses a “flutter valve” system which relies on metal reeds to control backwash and brine fill cycles etc. Reeds need to be serviced regularly.

The Fleck system enables the incorporation of an extra control switch to enable water flow to a tank to be interrupted while the softener is in regeneration mode. There is provision for two switches - one to control a shut off valve and one to control a chemical dosing pump. This feature provides Water wizard’s softeners with a huge performance advantage where for instance the softener is installed prior to a holding tank.

Fleck valves are infinitely adjustable using a simple microprocessor programme. Back-wash cycles can be varied at will as can all other control functions. This means that the softener can be “tailor made” to suit the needs of the customer and to most appropriately treat the many and varied water qualities that the softener is likely to be subjected to (during droughts and as other seasonal variations occur). The microprocessor enables volume regeneration with time override if so desired. eg. The softener can be set to regenerate every 10,000 litres or every week - whichever comes first. Power is provided by a 24 volts step down safety transformer.

Fleck valves enable Water wizard’s iron removal softeners to cope with high iron/ manganese levels. There is a full pressure backwash facility and after bringing a full pressure rinse in the opposite direction. These functions are designed to release iron/manganese and sediment and to keep the resin bed as clean as possible.

Brine refill is controlled by the Fleck valve. There is no need for a troublesome float type shut off valve.

Pressure Vessels

Water wizard’s pressure vessels are manufactured in the US (by Structural). Similar opposition products are manufactured in China. Although more costly, Structural vessels are manufactured to a very high standard and are renowned for performance and reliability in varying climatic conditions and in higher pressure situations.

Brine Tanks

Water wizard’s brine tanks incorporate safety shut off valving and an overflow collection point. There is a salt tray to prevent sludge from entering the brine pick up tube. In addition there is a series of specially designed filters that are designed to keep the whole brine pick up system spotlessly clean - all adding to the reliability of our water softeners. Brine functions are infinitely adjustable.

Water wizard’s brine tanks are round to give them more strength. The design of the brine tank enables it to contain more salt without bulging.

Other Water Treatment Systems

Iron Removal

Iron removal softeners are designed to remove ferrous iron from solution and to soften water. Iron removal softeners use fine mesh resins which from time to time are automatically regenerated. Resin columns are deeper than standard domestic water softeners to allow more contact time with iron removal resins.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters remove chlorine and other specific chemicals and disinfection by-products. They are available in both manual and automatic backwash configuration. Different carbon types are available for other applications - such as colour reduction.

Sediment Filters

Mixed bed sediment filters comprise various grades of sands and gravel with final stage filtration through a bed of anthracite. They are designed to remove dirt and turbidity and rust etc. Often installed prior to an iron removal softener to remove oxidised iron (rust).

pH Correction

Waterways pH correction filters increase pH by the action of water running over calcite. Calcite is a rock like substance that exhibits an alkaline pH. As low pH water (acidic) passes through the calcite bed, it (calcite) slowly dissolves adding pH to the water being treated. Calcite pH correction systems do not require backwashing, but from time to time the calcite needs to be topped up.


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