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Why buy a water filter from WaterWizard?

WaterWizard started in April 2002 Importing and Selling Reverse Osmosis Purifiers. Due to high interest and good sales, we expanded quickly. Now we offer a full range of water filters, water coolers and UV systems. Our products are sourced from a variety of suppliers in Australia, Asia, USA and New Zealand. We pick only good quality components and assemble water filters ourselves.

We pride ourselves on our good customer service and competitive pricing. Product backup is important to us and we offer 1 year Warranty on all goods sold. Any problems that occur after the warranty are handled with minimum cash outlay. We know that our competitors offer LIFETIME Warranties and 5 YEAR Warranties but please read the fine print on these ridiculous contracts. The exception to this is Water Coolers where the compressor warranty is 5 years and Reverse Osmosis Units where the Auto Shut-off Valve is covered indefinitely.

Our Water Filter Systems come standard with Premium Ceramic Tapware, Double O-Ring High Pressure Housings and quality fittings. We consider water filters to be a necessity not a luxury so our pricing is better than most competitors.

We are a family owned business and operate from Bribie Island, Brisbane. Our filters can be found in various retail stores around Australia. Current customers include Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Mining companies.

I hope you find our website useful and if you would like information on any Water Filtration product please contact us.

Best Regards

Gary and Jayne Young


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